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AI Smart Factory Solution
This solution can be integrated and managed the entire process with only a few managers
Have you thought about what is needed most in the manufacturing process when introducing a smart factory?
Maybe it's a management.
Smooth and systematic management, such as production management, process management, and inventory management, can prevent production target disruptions and quality issues in advance.

To address these concerns, We propose TWIM's AI Smart Factory solution.
TWIM's AI smart factory solution can integrate and manage the entire process with only a few managers by accurately delivering and predicting the execution status of production plans in real time to help workers and managers make fast decisions and standardizing specifications such as product-specific inspection equipment, manipulation and monitoring.

Accurate & Reliable TWIM's Machine Vision Standardization Machine Vision Standardization T-MASS

Overview: This is a solution that integrates vision hardware, software, operation and monitoring, and specifications to standardize the environment for all machine visions in the process, providing user convenience and ease of management.
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  • Composed of camera models and specifications for each facility and process
  • Different camera companies have different SW, UI, and HW for difficult management
  • Difficult to identify the cause of problems due to different cameras, SW, UI, etc. for each line
  • Waste of money by having and managing spare parts for each brand
  • Separately deployed engineers for each brand's management
  • Equipment/control/vision/inspection SW are separated
  • A drastic reduction of the development schedule with camera models and specifications unified by line and process
  • One-point management with process-specific camera, SW, UI and HW settings
  • Reduce work and management staff with the same GUI setting
  • Reduce spare parts materials and management with a unified brand
  • No extra interfaces required
Introduction Effects
  • Streamline system operation: Effect of reducing personnel through implementation of the same operation screen (UI) and functions
  • Reduce material costs: Reduce spare material costs due to hardware unification
  • Increased scalability: Easy to apply changes to system modifications
Applicable Cases
  • Consulting on applying standardization of the company S
  • Standardized 32 lines for increasing facility efficiency of Vietnamese companny S
  • Applicable throughout the automation process
  • Display manufacturing area
  • Semiconductor production line
  • Secondary battery manufacturing area
  • Automotive parts manufacturing area
  • Food packaging/raw material process area
  • Medical/medicine area
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Sales Team in TWIM Corp.