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AI Smart Factory Solution
This solution can be integrated and managed the entire process with only a few managers
Have you thought about what is needed most in the manufacturing process when introducing a smart factory?
Maybe it's a management.
Smooth and systematic management, such as production management, process management, and inventory management, can prevent production target disruptions and quality issues in advance.

To address these concerns, We propose TWIM's AI Smart Factory solution.
TWIM's AI smart factory solution can integrate and manage the entire process with only a few managers by accurately delivering and predicting the execution status of production plans in real time to help workers and managers make fast decisions and standardizing specifications such as product-specific inspection equipment, manipulation and monitoring.

All manufacturing facility analysis systemT-MES

This is TWIM's own production management system, designed based on international standards such as ISA-95, MESA, applied to various manufacturing industries, including semiconductors, electronic components, and secondary batteries.
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Features (Differentiated Features)
T-MES collects the existing MES, that is, production management, material management, monitoring, as well as data generated at the manufacturing site in real time, and has a facility analysis system that keeps the facility in the best condition through statistical analysis method and AI analysis method. The facility analysis system is TWIM's unique process that understands and responds to the causal relationship between product quality, facilities and raw materials by combining statistical analysis and artificial intelligence analysis based on TWIM's facility know-how.
MES Architecture
  • LPC: Line Process Control (role of collecting equipment data)
  • SA: Statistical Analysis
  • A.I: Analysis of patterns of defects not known solely by SPC.
Introduction Effects
  • Secure the ability to analyze logistics inventory flow by reflecting real-time inventory
  • Increase productivity and predict production
  • Secure the ability to analyze production quality through LOT tracking
  • Establish a pre-defective detection system
  • secure the facility foresight preservation capability
Applicable Cases
  • Collect and analyze field industry line operational data
  • Applied facility analysis combining production execution management + raw data analysis solution in bio-diagnostic kit field.
  • Secondary battery industry
  • Electric field industry
  • Manufacturing industry group that operates facilities such as bio-industry
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