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Hybrid Vision Systems
Product measurement, appearance, and alignment Inspection solutions that maximize the performance of rule-based vision
TWIM's hybrid vision system, which maximizes the performance of rule-based vision, guarantees optimization of product measurement, appearance, and alignment. Furthermore, we propose system efficiency for your company through optical design according to the environment of the process.

We suggest you to introduce TWIM's hybrid vision system, which has already been validated in many business areas and projects.

Flexible and systematic TWIM's machine vision Optical Components

This is an integrated optical system that determines the concept of optical design and selection based on analysis of products, defects and process conditions, and proposes camera specifications and specially designed lenses and lighting accordingly.
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TWIM's long-standing know-how and technical skills unify the specifications of different hardware and software for each line of the process, and create a customized optical system by customizing camera suggestions and lenses and lights to suit the nature of the process.
Introduction Process
Introduction Effects
  • Effect of reducing the system construction cost and maintenance cost by using standard materials rather than different products for each facility
  • Easy to change specifications: Response flexibly when changing production production production lines
Applicable Cases
  • Provide the standardization of 16 line attacher facilities for Company R
  • Provide the standardization of 26 lines for Company H
  • Provide the standardization of 53 lines for the joint facilities for Company S
  • Provide the standardization of two types other than 2 lines of Company A's development line
  • Four types of facilities of Company J are developed and applied
  • Applicable to all manufacturing processes
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