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Product measurement, appearance, and alignment Inspection solutions that maximize the performance of rule-based vision
TWIM's hybrid vision system, which maximizes the performance of rule-based vision, guarantees optimization of product measurement, appearance, and alignment. Furthermore, we propose system efficiency for your company through optical design according to the environment of the process.

We suggest you to introduce TWIM's hybrid vision system, which has already been validated in many business areas and projects.

Efficient and stable Machine vision Secondary Battery Inspection System

This is a rule-based secondary battery folding facility separator inspection system that inspects tearing of separator, denting, folding/Y meandering, and exterior of alien substance marks.
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  • Shoot and inspect conditional images of 16-20 times per product (3.5 times per second)
  • Synchronize with motion encoder and minimize motion stop time every 180 degrees
  • Brightness uniformity within the entire F.O.V is around 5% of the center, maintaining high uniformity
  • Conduct parallel inspection by dividing the product side into 12 for high-speed inspection, securing long-term data storage with HDD Cascade configuration
Inspection Configuration
Introduction Effects
  • Increased facility availability: Improve worker response with automation
  • Trackable defects: Trackable Defect Occurence: Defect tracking and improvement in previous processes through input end inspection
  • Reduced defect rate: Defective products can be detected in advance by introducing inspection system for each production process
Applicable Cases
  • L Chemical Company: Development of secondary battery folding equipment vision inspection system.
  • Secondary battery folding
  • Secondary battery pinhole inspection
  • Secondary battery welding beads inspection
  • Secondary battery pouch and appearance inspection
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