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Hybrid Vision Systems
Product measurement, appearance, and alignment Inspection solutions that maximize the performance of rule-based vision
TWIM's hybrid vision system, which maximizes the performance of rule-based vision, guarantees optimization of product measurement, appearance, and alignment. Furthermore, we propose system efficiency for your company through optical design according to the environment of the process.

We suggest you to introduce TWIM's hybrid vision system, which has already been validated in many business areas and projects.

Precise machine vision with high reliability Alignment Vision System

This is an alignment vision system specialized in the laminator installation of the Display Module process developed with the best technology in Korea.
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  • High-precision, high-speed alignment system
  • Transition from manual input base to automated input
  • 2/3/4 points based on display material
  • Feature extraction and alignment for unstructured materials
  • Apply algorithms that match material properties: Apply Multi Mark / Line Find / Auto Offset
  • Virtual mark alignment feature: Reflect design values
  • Eccentric alignment is possible with UVW, XYT motion compatibility
  • Provides user-friendly logging feature
Introduction Effects
  • Improve product precision
  • Increase production due to reduced defect rate
  • Improve reliability and process efficiency
Inspection Configuration
Applicable Cases
  • Company S (End Customer): Establishment of Align Vision System for all facilities of display module process
    - Attacher Facilities: film attacher, PNL attacher, TSP attacher, cap attacher, etc.
    - Laminator Facilities: Window Glass + Panel
    - Bending Machine Facilities: PCB, FPCB bending facilities
Foldable Phone for S company
OLED Display for A company
Wearable Smart Watch for S company
N Series for S company
Food/packaging area
  • Alignment of the outside of the wrapping paper
  • Product alignment before packaging
Medical area
  • Multilayer test KIT assembly alignment
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Sales Team in TWIM Corp.