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TWIM dreaming harmonious society & life between AI and people!
We present a new perspective on
smart factory with AI.
World No.1 in the artificial intelligence inspection facilities, TWIM leads AI deep learning inspection machines from manufacturing to production to build your smart factory, MOAI, a hybrid vision system using rules, and AI smart factory solutions that offer vision standardization to each process.
TWIM guarantees you a high-quality smart factory with accumulated know-how and technology recognized by the SDC. In addition, TWIM is a future-oriented company and is committed to building your own efficient and reliable smart factory through close collaboration with domestic and foreign vendors with the best technology in each area.
Domestic and foreign executives and employees, including successful global corporations and R&D centers, want to keep an eye on evolving manufacturing trends and develop TWIM's manufacturing capabilities within them to enhance your competitive advantage with satisfactory services.
For a safe and efficient smart factory, repetitive work is for AI, and enjoyable and creative work is for human.
TWIM's vision is to create a harmonious society between AI and people. TWIM already has experience in building a harmonious environment between AI and people. That is why we are convinced that this is by no means an impossible vision. We will contribute to building a society that balances AI and humans by letting AI take charge of simple and risky tasks and humans take charge of creative tasks in an era of increasing automation.
Core Value
Let us introduce the three key values
that are most important to TWIM
TWIM is confident that we can make your products and processes more functional, efficient, and precise, so we spare no effort, energy, and ability to develop and produce products and solutions. And we are proud to contribute to the success of our customers. This confidence was possible because of management based on TWIM's core value. For better TWIM and for the success of our customers, we will continue to maintain three core values.
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    TWIM grows with employees!
    The driving force behind TWIM is happy employees. Therefore, TWIM ensures optimal working conditions that are in harmony with work and family, and employees reward customers with passion and effort for innovative and complete solutions. So we pursue an environment where both companies and individuals grow together.
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    TWIM recognized by the customer!
    TWIM has been constantly working to satisfy customers since its foundation. And the customers acknowledged that our efforts were not in vain. In the future, we will improve our customers' competitiveness by researching and supporting all processes in the smart factory and present a new future with an advanced passion for artificial intelligence technology.
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    TWIM, trusted by shareholders!
    TWIM has a reputation for its technology, quality, and customer-oriented attitude. This is TWIM's infinite potential and best competitiveness. However, we will provide our shareholders with confidence to experience the growth of TWIM through a constantly constructive business portfolio without complacency.
Executive Introduction
Jeong, Han Seop CEO
CEO of TWIM Corp.,
  • · In charge of smart factory SW development
  • · Commendation from the Start-up Promotion Agency
  • · Commendation from the head of Chungbuk Regional Small and Medium Business Administration
  • · Commendation from the director of the Small and Medium Business Administration
  • · Commendation from the president
  • · Commendation from the Minister of Small and Medium Venture Business
Jeong, Hae Ju CEO
Managing Director of TWIM Corp.,
  • · Served as Executive Director of Samsung SDI
  • · Served as Managing Director of Samsung Electronics' VD Business Department
  • · Worked at Samsung Automotive Technology Research Institute
  • · Worked at Hyosung Heavy Industries.
Kim, Bo Chul CTO
General Manager of TWIM Technology Business Headquarters
  • · Worked at DMS
  • · Developed T-MASS (Machine Vision Standardization) of TWIM
  • · Developed T-MEGA (AI inspection system) of TWIM
  • · Developed Alignment Vision System of TWIM
Kim, Jae Hyun
Head of TWIM AI Technology Research Institute
  • · Served as a broadcasting/content PM at the Ministry of Science and ICT
  • · Served as a head of an innovative growth engine project at the Ministry of Science and ICT
  • · visiting professor at Sungkyunkwan University
  • · Served as a managing director of Samsung Electronics' DMC Research Institute