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AI Inspection Software detects the defects accurately and quickly inspected to dramatically reduce defect rates.
Isn't it really hard to visually inspect each product at the manufacturing site?
However, it is not possible to introduce unproven AI testing software in the field.
With MOAI, TWIM's AI inspection software with successful deployment experience in a wide range of industries, product defects can be accurately and quickly inspected to dramatically reduce defect rates. Also, TWIM's MOAI customize for each process, so the process adaptability is the best.

Now, with MOAI, increase production quality and increase your brand credibility.

Optimized machine vision with AI MOAI(Machine vision Optimization based on AI)

MOAI is an artificial intelligence-based learning inspection software developed to address irregular and amorphous defects in manufacturing sites.
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  • Learning and inspection environments that are easy and easy for first-time users
  • Fast inspection speed with SW accelerator
  • Irregular and unstructured products can be inspected and classified
  • Effect for the 99% or more defect detection rate, reducing teh labor cost and improving quality
  • Increase yield and streamline production through big data analysis of inspection results
  • Applicable to a wide range of production areas
  • Multi-joint robots equipped with MOAI and inspection equipment can be developed in many forms
  • Provides a system that can be applied directly to the site
  • Completed delivery and verification by mass-producing inspection equipment equipped with actual MOAI
Inspection Process
Introduction Effects
  • All visual inspection replaceable:
    Any inspection that can be done with the eyes is replaceable, enabling processes that have not been traditional rule-based vision inspection to be automated through deep learning vision inspection
  • Improve quality and productivity:
    Quality and productivity improvement: The quality and productivity of the process depends on the proficiency and condition of the inspector. Human judgment errors are ±3% and defective detection rate is around 97%, but defect detection rate is 99-100% when using deep learning vision inspection
  • Reduce costs:
    Machines can operate 24 hours a day without being affected by labor issues such as the 52-hour work system and the minimum wage. In the case of companies that have introduced deep learning vision inspections, it replaces 24 times of 3 shifts and replaces about 8 workers a day.
Applicable Cases
  • L Electric: Introduce the automatic assembly line MOAI
  • Company K: Introduce the stick pouch process MOAI
  • Company M/K/S: Introduce the vehicle part process MOAI
  • Company B: Introduce the diagnostic kit MOAI
  • Car: Car exterior inspection, tire dent, crack and scratch inspection
  • Food: Inspection for creases of wrapping paper, sealing defect, alien sbustance and container exterior
  • Pharmaceuticals: Inspection for creases of wrapping paper, sealing for defect, cracks, alien sbustance, etc.
  • Steel: Inspection for scratches and poor appearance
  • Secondary battery: Poor attachment inspection
  • Electronic components, etc.
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