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MOAI is the artificial intelligence (deep learning) inspection software by TWIM, developed to maximize the advantages of naked eye and machine vision inspection methods and overcome their shortfalls, thereby facilitating the product inspection process at the manufacturing plants.

Features of MOAI

MOAI Configuration

MOAI : Intelligent deep-learning manufacturing solution

- Cutomized inspection software based on AI deep learning technology

Learning Interface

Inspection Interface

- The user can examine the defects shown by the tested image in detail, in addition to measuring the size of defects

Deep Learning Big Data Analysis Solution

This big data analysis solution is based on AI, analyzing and storing large quantities of formal and informal data generated in the manufacturing process to provide information to the user.

- The solution establishes a system for detecting error indications using network traffic information (packets, system logs, etc.).

- The system conducts real-time process monitoring to immediately detect changes in the process capacity indicators. When abnormalities are detected, the system registers, notifies, and handles the issue in a shorter amount of time, increasing the operation rate of the manufacturing plant.

- The system detects quality issues in advance by conducting multi-dimensional analyses about process data, thereby reducing defect rates and increasing yield that enhances production efficiency


Deep Learning-Based Smart Farm Solution

MMS technology based on AI (deep learning) optimizes energy efficiency, the core issue for 3rd-generation smart farms.
The system minimizes production cost and maximizes farm profits by optimizing energy efficiency by considering regional features and external environment.
To overcome the shortfalls of fule-based automation, AI algorithms are used to analyze the correlation among cultivation environment factors and environmental factor control costs to provide cost-efficient environment control signals to the FCS.

MOAI Vision Inspection System

The system can inspect the apperances of various products (automobile parts, semiconductors, wafers, secondary batteries, etc.) via deep-learning inspection technology.

Elevator Embarkation System

Elevator operation system capable of identifying the number of people waiting and riding the vehicle