Key Achievements
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Key Achievements

4th Industrial Revolution Projects (AI/Automation)

Mando : Deep learning inspection equipment using big data
Company “K” : Deep learning-based vision inspector for automobile parts
Company “H” : AI elevator embarkation system (featured in Shanghai Expo in China)
Rural Development Administration : Smart farm project using big data
Company “S” : Process prediction system via big data analysis
LG Display : LCD contact inspection logistics MCC
LG Electronics : Solar furnace PC control (CTC) + SECS/GEM
SK : Development of secondary battery MES
FA Solar (France) : Development of inline CIM
Dongwoo Fine Chem : Joint development of MES (SPC) System
Samsung Electronics : Development of semiconductor process CIM
300mm tape remover CIM
300mm tape mount CIM
Development of 300mm SECS/GEM converter
UV Inspector CIM

R&D Portfolio

Company “L” : Secondary battery deep learning inspection
Company “D” : Inspection of forged metal products
Company “H” : Container inspection and categorization
Company “H” : Production yield improvement using big data
Company “H” : AI-based logistics picking/safety system
Company “S” : Medical device inspection
Companies “H” and “B” : Textile inspection

Machien Vision Business

Samsung SDC
Bonding facilities for Apple modules (iPhone X) / Vision alignment for display bonding equipment for Company “S” from 2013 to current
Flexible display vision alignment system: Develoment of multi-point alignment correction and inspection system
- Flexible/Rigid Laminating
- Rigid Bonding
- Flexible Bending
- Flexible/Rigid Assembly
And various other line vision systems.
Development of linescan AOI inspector application: Detects conductive particles over 1.5um
Development of IR inspector application: Adhesion inspection using penetration optical system after bonding the display materials
Development of softwawre algorithm combining indentation inspector and IR inspector / Development of software algorithm for indentation inspector
Samsung Electronics : Remodeling of SPA-300 optical system (SK, Samsung Electronics) / Remodeled hardware of Japanese-made equipment
Samsung Electro-Mechanics : Supplied AOI inspector vision system / Supplied software algorithm for indentation inspector
LG Display : Setup for CELL probe inspector
LG Chemical : Development of vision inspection system for secondary battery folding equipment
Dongwoo Fine Chem : Development of software algorithm for flexible indentation inspector